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Organize and find photos using intuitive filters



Photology offers you a new way to organize and manage your photo collection. An innovative system based on a wide range of image filters that allows you you find your photos in a different and funny way.

It includes the usual filters we usually use in other programs like date or name of the file, but the feature that makes it different is that you can search for the photos by selecting filters that will give as result the group of photos taken indoor or outdoors, where water, sky or snow appears or maybe the ones where the predominant color is blue or red.

You can search for the photos where water appears, maybe snow or flowers, it's excellent.

Finally, it allows you to organize the photos in groups, make simple adjustments (rotate, cut, reduce red eyes, modify brightness,...) and share your favorite photos via web, Flickr or SmugMug. With no doubt, Photology is a very good choice to manage your photos.